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Thoughtful Gifts for Corona Couples To Show Your Love!

Covid-19 has been the reason for umpteen weddings getting cancelled or postponed in 2020! The feeling is a mix of disappointment, frustration, and grief. It is a happy day and something that everyone looks forward to so what can one do to make it up to the lovely couple who is feeling stuck and angry at this situation? Let them know that you’re thinking of them—especially on their original wedding date or their new wedding date (if you cannot be with them!) by gifting them something fun! If you are wondering - What do you send someone whose wedding is postponed? We have the perfect list!

This may result in misty eyes but when you’ve postponed your wedding, sometimes the most impactful thing can simply be others acknowledging that the original date was supposed to be the most special date of your life, even in the littlest of ways.

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